A “new” winery with ancient roots – my Weinhof Lichtgartl

The Lichtgartl

The Lichtgartl (literally translated as a very bright, small garden) is the one of the sunniest vineyards in Wachau valley.


Our house (which is also our wine-growing estate) was built 1991 in our vineyard Lichtgartl, that’s the origin of the good-sounding name of our company.


The name of my winery is also reflected in the labels and combines graceful the sun and the garden by sunflowers.

My Winery

We own and cultivate approximately 6,5 hectare of vineyards in the most legendary reeds in the Wachau valley.


My father is an expert for every single vine in our vineyards – he knows ‘everyone’! His scientific and analytical procedure, acting and thinking is found in many expert articles and journals. I also love to work outside, especially when I’m with my dog. The manual work is very relaxing for me.


Besides, I am the wine maker and try to give my best every year to produce excellent wines on a high quality level. As member of the Vinea Wachau, we are entitled to quote the quality descriptions Steinfeder ®, Federspiel ® und Smaragd ®.

About me

First I was working at the registrar office in Weißenkirchen, then I moved to Stubai valley to work at a hotel reception and after that I realised for what I was born for:


I wanted to keep my parents’ business and become a winegrower and winemaker.


My target is to grow slowly, cautious and wise with my own wines from the best vineyards from the Wachau valley, just with patience and precision, without using too much of high-tech measurements.