We cultivate vineyards in the Wachau villages Weißenkirchen, Joching and Rossatz. 

For the cultivation and the management of the vineyards, which are mostly located in the steep terraces, you need a sort of know-how. To my great profit my father shares this knowledge with me, because he has a long experience in this province. 


Our vineyards are located in the famous reeds Achleiten, Steinriegl, Pichl Point, Vorderseiber and Kirnberg.

Here you can find detailed information regarding the sunshine hours, the location and the soil of the Wachauer vineyards 


You can taste our wines local in our winery (appeal for advance announcement) to buy them direct at our winery after the tasting or in our online shop

Beside the yard sale, you can buy and order our wines at following retailers and wine stores:

Georgs Salon - Online Wein Raritäten


Sonnwendgasse 5

9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee


Vinodea - Weine von Winzerinnen


Lange Gasse 72/1

1080 Wien


WineTime - Krems


Ob. Landstraße 4

3500 Krems


Restaurant Bachler


Silberegger Straße 1

9330 Althofen


Vinothek Thal Wachau


Wachaustraße 242

3610 Weißenkirchen


Weinshop Kevino


Lustenauerstraße 83

6845 Hohenems